UK Education System

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To make right choice for study, United Kingdom is recognized among list of quality education providers worldwide.  It has good reputation for the quality of research works .World over for the quality of its research and the reputation of its academics.

Quality Assurance Agency (QAA):

QAA conduct audits in order to ensure high educational standards. It has developed a code of practice and guidelines for UK education institution which provide education programs for remote students.

Student Facilitation:

Many universities have arranged an office of international students’ advisor to guide foreign students in their accommodation and visa problems. Many institutions conduct an orientation/induction program having duration of up to seven days. In which students visit whole campus, get awareness about facilities, discipline and policies of the institutions. Such programs also disseminate teaching methodologies, different aspects of UK life and various social events.

Immigration Process:

Immigration system consists on five Tiers constituting various assessments criterions to assess the eligibility for UK study visa or work permit.

Normally student visas are granted for one year period initially after taking into consideration of length of course.

Tier One (1):

  • Consisting all the study, work and training routes of immigration.
  • It is for hunting the best talent from other countries who can helps to flourish country’s economy.
  • These visas are about highly foreign graduates of UK colleges/universities, investors, skilled migrants, entrepreneurs.
  • Candidate must obtain 75 or more points to qualify for Tier 1 visas.

Tier Four (4)

  • These visas are required to be sponsored by a university or qualified UK educational institutions.
  • They are also required to obtain good scores in order to qualify as an international student in the UK.

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