Nine reasons, why you must drink Milk?

Saleem Akhtar September 4, 2011 0

Report By: Hafiz Muhammad Saleem Akhtar

  1. It helps to build and maintain the lean muscles in the body. Milk Protein contains all of essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Because it contains Protein
  2. It promotes the absorption of calcium for healthy bones. It also maintains the normal blood level of calcium and phosphorous. Because of presence of Vitamin D
  3. It helps to regulate the balance of fluids in the body. It plays an important role to maintain normal blood pressure. as it contains Potassium
  4. It helps to build the strong bones and teeth and reduces the risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis. It also plays important role in maintaining the normal blood pressure. As there is Calcium in it.
  5. It helps to convert the food into energy. It has significant role in the development of nervous system. as Riboflavin is present in it.
  6. It works closely with Folate to make red blood cells. It also helps to maintain the CNS (Central Nervous System). Because it contains Vitamin B12
  7. It works with calcium and vitamin D to keep the bone strong due to Phosphorous
  8. It supports good vision, healthy skin, and maintains the integrity of immune system due to existence of Vitamin A in it.
  9. It helps enzymes function normally in the body as it includes Niacin.

Milk is naturally nutrient-rich like no other beverage, and provides 9 essential nutrients that your family needs. Milk is always an easy way to build a strong family. Milk contains water 87 %, Total solids 13%, Fat 4 %, Proteins 3.4 %, Lactose 4.8 % and Minerals 0.8 %.

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