Facebook sued by a Father of 12-year-old daughter

Tech Man September 8, 2011 0

A man from northern Ireland sued Facebook after his 12-year-old daughter posted her explicit photos on this social network. He said such kind of material on facebook put his daughter in danger of child sex abuse. He supported himself by giving reason that facebook require minimum age of 13 to get register but there are no check to verify it. It relies whatever information is being entered by child.

He said, i personally believe that Facebook is not feasible for under 18 but still for 18s age requirement, there are no checks which can be performed by facebook to verify it. He suggested that Passport number is best option to verify age.

According to Hilary Carmichael, the father’s lawyer, the photos in question were “sexually explicit,” and showed the girl “heavily made-up,” and “in a provocative pose,” which made her appear “much older than her 12 years.” . They claimed that Facebook was guilty of negligence and created a risk of sexual and physical harm to the girl

Ms. Charmichael has also created another website, called “Children on Facebook,” which seeks to find other concerned parents who believe their children’s rights have been infringed upon by Facebook in the same way.

In 2008, Facebook’s now-former Chief Privacy Officer, Chris Kelly, responded to the New York state attorney general at the time, Andrew Cuomo, (now Governor Cuomo) who said Facebook was “a magnet for those who prey on the young.” Kelly told The Sunday Times of London that both sides must play their part.

Facebook has not yet responded to this most recent lawsuit

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