Google and Intel Partnership for Android Chip-making

Tech Man September 15, 2011 0

Intel has set up a development partnership with Google to help improve how the Android operating system runs on its processors.

The move is aimed at giving Intel greater access to the fast-growing mobile devices sector.

Intel is the world’s biggest chipmaker in the computer and server market.

However, it has so far played second fiddle to Cambridge-based designer ARM Holdings in the market for low power consumption chips.

‘First-class citizen’

Demand for mobile phone and tablet computers has been on the increase, and Google has been pushing its Android operating system, tying up with manufacturers.

Android has become the world’s leading operating system for smartphones.

Intel has been seen by many analysts as slow to respond to the challenge.

It has only recently launched its answer to ARM’s designs, in the form of the Oak Trail processor range.

Analysts said that the partnership would help Intel increase its foothold in the Android market.

“It’s really about Google saying that Intel is going to be a first-class citizen in the Android ecosystem,” said David Kanter of Real World Technologies.

Source: BBC

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