Shut up USA: Pakistan. USA is main terrorist: Iran

Sabir Saleem September 23, 2011 0

Pakistan’s  foreign minister, Hina Rabani Kher warned USA that if USA don’t opt to stop blaming over Paksitan for supporting terrorists, then consequently USA will loose his partner in war on terror.

While giving her interview to a private TV channel in New York, She said that this continuous blame game will not be good for the people of both countries. She is in New York today’s to attend UN annual meeting of General Assembly.

Last days, Admiral Mullen blamed that Pakistan is supporting Haqani Network which is involved on some attacks over NETO forces and other various small successful attacks. He also blamed that ISI is involved in planning these attacks.

In response to Admiral Mullen, Pakistan’s interior ministor, Rehman Malik clearly answered that if USA has such blames, these blames must have any evidence, which should be provided to Pakistan.

On other hand, while addressing in general assembly of UN, Ahmadinejad, President of Iran openly said that 9/11 was just a pre-planned propaganda to capture resources from Muslim world. He said as an engineer, i am unable to understand that how twin towers expired straight down by striking two aeroplanes and how USA Govt. allowed planes to move freely in the  territory of USA. He said that there was some explosive material which were already planted in the towers. He further argued that it was totally planned game. If USA was right, then what is the logic behind to kill Osama and to drop his dead body in sea. Why he was not prosecuted to find out that how he managed two air planes?, why he was not brought to court so that every body can be informed about those hidden plans.

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