Increasing Public hate for US from Pakistan

Sabir Saleem September 30, 2011 1

Whole nation of Pakistan unites after the Military threat from USA. As observed from All Parties Conference (APC), all political parties are also supporting the public point of view in this matter. USA administration, with all its bad luck, were unable to cotrol the words of Michael Mullin. Resultantly, it again received a gift of increased hatred from the public. USA is injecting this hatred amongst the public of Pakistan, against himself, in the form of weekly drone attack from last four years.

Public of Pakistan is protesting against US hidden agenda and myth of maintaining its presence in the Asia and Middle East.

If USA feels any threat from any terrorist, it must logically enahnce the security within the territory of United States. He is itself performing the role of being terrorist in form of criticising and taking military action outside the territories of its country. Have they any single reasonable reason to attack on Iraq which resulted in deaths of millions of people.

How US will feel if Pakistan Army attacks on Washington or New York, on the basis of a reason that there were some elements planning drone attacks for Pakistan to kill innocent people instead of sharing intelligence of terrorists with Paksitan administration.

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  1. abidhussain December 22, 2011 at 4:48 AM - Reply

    yes i agree with you

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