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How do You Feel whenever You are in Your Room?

Value of  Your Room

Most of the people don’t feed it necessary to spend too much time & energy in setting the interior of their room. They think it is just a place which shelters them while they sleep and do their activities. However, room is actually a place of significant importance, for certain reasons like:

Firstly, you spend a huge amount of time here throughout your life. A research says that a person spends approximately 1/3 of his days while sleeping or other times when he hangs out in his room during weekends and after work on weekdays this clarifies that your room is one of the places where you spend your most of the time.

Secondly, a lot of important thinking and decisions are made here. It is a general view that most of your goal setting, self actualization, planning, self evaluation, studying, enjoyment & fun, self analysis, working etc take place inside your room.

At last I would say, it is actually highly valuable to invest time and energy to make your room a place which inspires you. If you are going to spend so much time here, wouldn’t it make sense to make it a place where you will absolutely love to be in? In that sense, your room plays a very vital role in setting you up in the right frame of attitude and mindset.

 How is Your Ideal Room like?

A room that inspires you can have varying different qualities. Here are some checklist questions you can use:

  • Do you enjoy spending time in?
  • Do you look forward to going back here at the end of every day?
  • Does it make you feel excited just being in it?
  • Does it provide you with a peace of mind, absent of mental stress or anxiety?
  • Does it enable you to be effective when doing your tasks?
  • Do you see your aspired self living here?

Based on the above, visualize your ideal room. As you do this visualize the following factors of your room that in your ideal room, how will they be?

  1. Area of the room (length, breadth)
  2. Layout (positioning of furniture, objects etc.)
  3. Type of furniture (bed, wardrobe, dressing table, bookshelf, bedside table etc.)
  4. Objects inside your room (lamp, fan, clothes, bed sheets, amount of clutter etc.)
  5. Free space (for walking around, moving in etc.)

Now, take a look at the current state of your own room. Is it the same or different? If it is different then how much different is it? What are the immediate changes that can move you forward towards your ideal vision of room? What are the changes you can target to make in the long-term as well as in the short term?

#1 and #3 tend to be changes you can effect in the long term, while #2, #4 & #5 can be worked on in the short-term. In particular, #4 – amount of clutter is something that can be addressed immediately. This can be in the form of removing old books, random junk, infrequently worn clothes, anything that you do not have a use for but is around ‘just in case’ you need to use it in the future. Many times, we keep a lot of things which we think we’ll use in the future, but never do.

Start Making Changes in Your Room Right Now to Make It Your Ideal Room


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