Thankless USA, Shameless Leaders

Tech Man October 16, 2011 1

Pakistan faced a loss of Rs. 338 billion on supply of subsidized oil to NETO forces. This is pertinent to mention that Paksitan economy and inflation  rates in it are directly volatile to the shortage or increases/decreases in the fuel oil prices. Pakistan’s layman is enjoying high increased prices of edibles and other big problem is loadshedding due to shortage of fuel supply. But the same time, NETO is being entertained with susbidized fuel oil prices. In the presidency of Musharraf, fuel oil was provided to NETO at subsidy of Rs. 25 per litter.

This is the matter of shame for the leaders of Pakistan who are more loyal to USA rather than public from which they are elected.

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  1. Haroon October 17, 2011 at 5:17 AM - Reply

    These leaders betray their mother … a point to think about.

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