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Aysha Malik December 13, 2011 4

Do you know that you are corrupt?, why, Just answer some questions to yourself

  • Do you always utilize your time for productive means and never wasted? Yes or NO
  • Do you always stand against any point which is unfair? Yes or No
  • Do you always help poor whenever you feel that they deserve some help? Yes or No
  • Do you always work in office to make good return of each Paisa which you receive as salary? Yes or No
  • Do you think that you never break traffic signals and traffic rules? Yes or No
  • Do you always raise your voice for any things which is unethical, immoral, against law or religion? Yes or No
  • Do you always respect those who deserve respect? Yes or No
  • Do you always take care that you should not be problem for the lives of others? Yes or No

Do You????… I think you will not have Yes for all above question.

Let I define that what I exactly mean “Corrupt”.

“Deviation from responsibility is called corruption. If as an individual you are suppose to do or responsible to do some thing but you don’t do that.(whether  ethical , religious,  national  or legislative responsibility)”.

Very unfortunate situation is we only understand corruption which involves only monetary or financial aspects.

Today I was thinking that what is the key difference which put us to suffer many difficulties and problems  in our daily life. After thinking and joining thousands of reasons, i concluded on one point that our whole society is CORRUPT.

You can think about my argument from your early morning to going for bed at night. We get up at early morning but always let our body to make unnecessary rest about half an hour by snoozing again and again our alarms due to laziness)

We go to school/college/university or office, violating near about 10 to 12 national laws without putting our self to feel a bit shame ( as we are used to). For example, wastage of natural resources, violating traffic signals, driving rules, putting others to suffer because i am in hurry, not giving way to Ambulances etc etc.

While reaching our destined office, we normally waste our time (one hour in average), chatting with friends/colleagues, taking tea and coffee etc.,  reason of which is always considered as “Come on, it will take time to form a tempo, no problem”. VERY SAD.

Students always use to waste time to which they assume normal student life. When on result day, student is asked why he/she failed… then some universal arguments are always favorite for students “I tried hard, but papers were tough’, ‘teacher favored that student more because he/she was close to teachers’‘by the way i am not a sharp and brilliant student indeed’, or, ‘I don’t know why paper checker did this with me’….”.

Why don’t these students acknowledge that students who always maintain their first or second position in whole course duration, do work hard in real sense, their papers are always checked by same examiners, they also have same level of access to books and THEY DON’T EAT OR DRINK ANY UFO EATABLES.

Our Govt. departments are wholesalers and retailers of corruption. They achieve their maximum level of corruption in 8 hours office duration. Even from lowest level of employee to highest level. These people do a little piece of work in days which deserves only few minutes… Very shame on such rubbishes. I always have one Question for them, HOW THEY SATISFY THEM SELVES THAT THEY ARE FEEDING THEIR CHILDREN AND WHOLE FAMILY WITH HARAM EARNINGS.

There are thousands of examples at any level and sector, which are lubricated with extensive amount of corruption but on individual bother about it. There are laws and law makers, but they are not enforced.

Moment of wonder is WE ALWAYS BLAME OUR POLITICIANS AND LEADERS, why we don’t understand that THEY ARE AMONG US,  and THEY ARE CHOSEN BY US.



  1. techman December 13, 2011 at 8:06 AM - Reply

    True and well said
    We need to change our self, on vary single step of life after then we can be a good nation.

  2. 12kilobyte December 14, 2011 at 4:46 AM - Reply

    Agreed Aysha. Problem of our society is lack of justice. If we are punished on our breach of responsibility then we will be more conscious.

  3. Sabir Saleem December 18, 2011 at 1:16 AM - Reply

    One important aspect in our society is to educate our educate class. Educated class is involved in corruption then what we can expect from uneducated class.

  4. abidhussain December 21, 2011 at 3:17 PM - Reply

    change the president of state is not good solution of corruption even change yourself

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