Say Good Bye to Films, Video Games are IN

Sabir Saleem December 14, 2011 0

When we talk about entertainment or fun, only films specifically Holly Wood films holds leading positions but today’s Video Games defeated films.

Third episode of a Video Game ” Call of the Duty” has made a new business record in the entertainment industry. It generated total revenue of USD 1 billion only in 16 days.

“Harry Porter” and “Avatar” were only two movies which earned one billion dollar in seventeen days. Now its quite OK to say that there no more days for Movies to be called as BLOCK BUSTER.

Business of Video Games is raising rapidly and is very profitable in the entertainment industry.

Expert says that main reason behind popularity of Video Games is, free and customized use of Games because in Games user can choose story and character as he/she wish but in films there is only one story.

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