Iraq war ended. What USA achieved?

Tech Man December 15, 2011 0

Ater nine year of war in Iraq, finally USA is back to home. Can any one explain any single valid purpose of Iraq war headed by USA.

What Saddam Hussain asked USA in response of which USA had to jump in this war?.

Nothing… right?

All reasons USA and its war-partners adopted, are lame and illogical. These were only designed;

  • to concur Iraq to occupy its oil resources
  • to maintain their hold in middle east to save Israel
  • to maintain their terror over muslim world
  • to show that they can do any thing whatever they want
  • to show that USA is the only country which can ignore the soveriegnity of rest of world

By the way, No Alqaida or Taliban type organization really exists. These are all puppits being run by USA.

One question always remains asnwerless, which is “If USA feel any security danger from any organisation or country, why not it focus to enhance security system within own territories?”.

There is no any country in rest of world in unsound mind who feel that that specific country could harm us and lets have a strike over it.

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