Who is terrorist infact

Abid Hussain December 21, 2011 0

on 24th November America attacked on Pakistan..  NATO helicopters’ attack on border and killed 26 people. there was no solid reason of attacks on Pakistan army .That area was cleared by Pak army few month ago .

why NATO  forces attacked in that Particular area …???????????????? it is question that every person inquired from American authorities  .

the  reason  is that America is  terrorist .there are many valid reason,evidence  and logic’s.last few years Pakistan and America forces are trying to clear the suspicious areas from terrorist  in Pakistani   ..After this operation , Pakistan has appointed the solider at the in and out road which  go to Pakistan from Afghanistan  .the Pak army was aware this secret that only foreign and external people who inter into Pakistan and cause of suicide attacks .

[I want tell you that who is doing this?.It is the America . he  want to  remain permanently super  power of the world.Early 1991 soviet union and America were two super powers.in 1991 when soviet union  fight war against  Mujahideen of Afghanistan then America support to Afghanistan and defeated to soviet .As a result soviet was divided in many country .after that time America was become only one supper power of world.

he want to influence his interest  on worldwide .if any country refused to do according to him ,he take severe revenge from that country .first he killed that person and second declare war against him and destroy that country . after applying this procedure he succeed to add his power .he makes his planing for not  sort term period but makes for next fifty years.he takes his reserve of oil for fifty years.To fulfill this requirement ,   he used all legal and illegal sources and crashed all barrier    even he has to killed thousands of people to achieved his targets . you can imagine that the current activities of America that he is  behaving with Muslim countries which are  full of oil .

Governar  General  of Iraq Saddam hussain refused to act upon his ordered  and declared war against him.he was defeated first time .but he decided to take revenge  by other resources .he used internal  weapon .he stimuli people against him .people stroke against  him but Saddam  crashed them by army .at that time people request to America for help .America attacked on Iraq against Saddam .At last he hanged Saddam by his  country’s people.recently  America left Iraq after fulfilled his thirsty of oil.Libya president was treated same as Iraq.that Islamic country is full of oil and America got entry into Libya .he also threat to Yemen .but these countries have only oil and gas .Iran and Pakistan are next target of great terrorist of America .defeated to Iran is not easy because its leaders are sincere for country .why Pakistan is next target of America ?Pakistan is first country in Islamic world who has atomic power .this is the main thing that is not absorbed by American .they are planing to deprived Pakistan from atomic technology .for this purpose they are trying to prove   in the whole world that Pakistan atomic resources are unsafe .they have planned to do this  with  the help of  India.they are preparing suicide  in Afghanistan  and sending into Pakistan .Taliban are also the created by  and supported by America .when he was operating in Iraq then there was no activity of Taliban against NATO in Afghanistan .America said to Taliban that in this interval ,move from Afghanistan to Pakistan.after completion of that target we would focus on Pakistan .after that drama they blamed on Pakistan that Taliban have moved into north Waziristan.they began drown attacks on Pakistan in region of Musharraf .they have killed 40000 innocents  citizen of  Pakistan.]]]]]]]]

America was facing difficulties after appointing soldiers for supervision of terrorist  from that specific  post.That area was shortcut  inter into Pakistan.he decided to destroy that post .Pak army and NATO was operating together for many month. before starting that operation  they didn’t like to  inform Pak army but destroy particular post  and sent suicide into Pakistan by that way.

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