How Revolution will come?

Abid Hussain December 23, 2011 0

The history is witness that  those nations, countries and people made progress  whose worked hard. The work is not done by leaders and politician but contributed  by every body and  individuals of  the country. Do the work is not reason of progress but quality of work is matter. Every person is aware of his responsibility.He does his work with out any hesitation and does not depend on others .He thinks that my effort is necessary for my country progress.He does not waste his time and does his work honestly.He fights for his right and gives to other rights.The reason is that one person right is duty for others and other person duty is becomes right for other.for example ,a student is assign a work only study.He does his work honestly everyday  and utilizes  all his efforts for this purpose .He does not try to corrupt in his work.If he fails in any examination,he does not blame to any one .He accepts his faults and try to correct himself.

We can take the example of china .It came into being on 1949 after the two years of our independence.They worked hard and made progress in every fields.China leaders said “try to rely on your resources  than other”they tried in every fields and became big economy in the world.He exports all types of product to the world.The main reason the that every person is conscious  with his country  leader as well as  common  person.Also we can say about U.K.My friend (live in U.K )says about British  college that once he read  add of  wine in  news paper while traveling by train.Wine was offered on 50% rate on that time . Being a Muslim he was not interested in drinking so that he offered to British in office to avail this opportunity .He refused to do this.he replied that he was not directly  offered by news paper so that  he couldn’t avail that.They are aware about their right and duties.They do not  sit quiet to getting right and do not deviates from performing theirs duties.

If we review the current position of Pakistan,we will very dis heart about its growth.our growth is increasing only  in population,illiteracy ,corruption and greediness.Now a days people are against PPP government.these are agendas

  • this government is corrupt.
  • they are doing all decision for personal benefits.
  • they have sold our country to America.
  • they implement all policies for benefit of America.
  • they could not save our country from terrorism.
  • they have bank account in foreign counties.

They need change.They have checked all parties.Imran khan is  only hope  for improvement.They are depending on imran khan ,they think that he is only person who save Pakistan .This party have not come in government in past.Imran khan is honest person .He will change the history of Pakistan.He will prove success  for Pakistan.But we are not able to end the corruption.We can not save  railway.we can not save Pakistan  from terrorism.

My questions  are that t0  change the government , leadership but  don’t change ourselves is the solution of these problems?. will imran khan prove successful leader ?will he change all system but every body of this community is not ready to change?is only one  person  enough for bringing the change in this country?.

I think so that only 20% to 30% leadership matter to implement any revolution.  Imran khan  only one person can not do this with out participation of people.If nation is not ready to change its nature then leadership will be failed.His government will make rules and these rules will apply on books .These will be implement of public and public will reject  to do so due to personal losses.In real sense this system would never change if every body is not ready to do so.

Almighty GOD say in the  Holy Qur’an “i don’t change the condition of any nation  if  they don’t ready to change themselves”another place he Almighty says””” i send those types of leader that types of nations itself””. Islam teaches us follow the leaders.because they elected ourselves.they are people as we are.

the main truth,reason and problem is that we are not good  basically . We have fault  in some where.We are corrupt. Where is no  fault of politician because they are form us .We elect them  by vote.We make them corrupt .They live in  our community where we live.these activities are in our habits, where we go utilize very frankly. once one MNA of ppp said in electronic media interview “if politician take robbery,they have a is not new thing which they do.Every person is involve in corruption”. Every body in this environment is not ready do his work honestly.We want to earn in short cut way with out doing so .We are corrupt in small scale because we are appointed in middle post.The police man takes money in 100 or 200 .He avails opportunity where he have chance. The only difference is that politician robbery on large scale because they are appointed on high post .

I can prove that every person is corrupt in this society .We take the meaning of corruption only on large scale  like as  money sense. Do you know what is meant by  term ‘corruption’?. “The deviation from performing his duty  is called corruption. We only blame other we perform our duties  with honestly!!!!!Please read it and judge yourselves.

  1. do we fight  for  our right?.
  2. Do we give others right?
  3. Do we use our time for productive purpose  in job time?.
  4. Do we always  work  at  proper time ?.
  5. If we are student ,we utilize our whole time for study?.
  6. Do we strike against wrong decision by government?.
  7. Do we follow all rules which are made by state for public benefits?
  8. Do we pay our tax liabilities?
  9. Do we raise our hand against drown attacks in Pakistan?
  10. Do we help the poor and truth?
  11. Do we use pure metrial in production of goods?

If we have these qualities then there is some faults in our leaders.Revolution is possible from  change the face. If we have no qualities  then we should protest against ourselves.there is need to change every person than change leadership for seek of  Revolution in our country.Every  body should try to correct our mistake than criticism on other. These conditions con be understand by this example;once dog fall in wall  .People began  water  out from well but didn’t tried to clear water form  dog .We only try to change less important thing but do not try change  basic thing.

If we want really change then we should have to be change.We can become civilized  nation ,and  developed country.either we will implied but we shall be able to provide employment and finance to other countries .

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