Forecast of Year 2012

Sabir Saleem January 1, 2012 0
  1. There will be a union of PTI, MQM, Musharraf Group and Jamat-e-islami, PML(Q) and PPP, PML(N) and other parties.

  2. Govt. of Punjab will give new policy to improve education sector which will be more effective..

  3. Every citizen will be complying every rule of law, morality and religions.

  4. Pakistan Railway will be flying progress despite of all efforts of our current minister and PIA will come back on its track.

  5. Police and court system will be revised after a big move of PTI and there will be improvement in Justice.

  6. Budget of Army will decrease by 30% to 40% which will be added in the budget of Education.

  7. All corrupt politicians will be sacked by Chief Justice and after it Chief Justice will be sacked by Army.

  8. There will be 100 % employment rate for all Bachelor (or above) degree holders.

  9. There will be no Load shedding at the end of year and Govt. of Pakistan will discover new sources of gas.

  10. There will be no more target killing and attacks in KARACHI.

  11. There will be new Afghan Govt. with coalition of Alqaida representatives and Hamid Karzai.

  12. Two of scientists from Pakistan will receive Nobel Prize for new achievements in form of welfare of human beings.

  13. Pakistan and China will enter to dozen of new big ventures

  14. USA will claim the ownership of Talibans and Alqaida.

  15. Kashmir will be an independent state and both neighbor countries will sign a treaty to get their forces back.

  16. USA and Europe will approach Chine to make investments in their countries to over come economic crises.

  17. PML(N) and PPP will loose more MNAs.

  18. PTI will become the largest party of the country but with old Musharraf’s companions.

  19. Doctor Aafia Sadique will be released in exchange of CIA agent which will be under custody of Pakistan officials.

  20.  Dollar Exchange rate will fall to Rs. 50 per dollar.

  21. GDP growth rate of Pakistan will cross 12 points – Highest in whole world.

  22. Pakistan will become world’s second largest super power and nuclear power after China.

  23. Actual Budget of Federal Govt. will be decreased by 50% in order to minimize overall Govt. expenses.

Sorry to say I can’t see the future of current president of Pakistan. Pardon me if he will exist at end of this year. Hmnm, this was a good dream. Please wake-up now

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