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SNGPL has settled to bring down the gas supply to CNG stations in different areas of Punjab like lahore and Sheikhupura by six hours a day.This is an addition to the three-day a week closure of CNG stations because SNGPL decided to benefit the domestic consumers.

APCNGA spokesman Captain Shuja, the vice chairman of APCNGA, which set up a all Pakistan strike of CNG stations on this weekend, stated that the affiliation would declare there official response to the determination after discussions.

He told that Sheikhupura CNG stations had got notices from SNGPL for the additional hours of gas suppression. He said that SNGPL close supply to CNG stations during extreme usage time for six hours daily basis in Lahore. “They used this maneuver last year also.

When reporter contacted to SNGPL, the spokesman told that SNGPL had started Serving at Captain Shuja’s suggestion.  He said that after the Lahore High Court recently dismissed a petition filed by the association, Shuja had suggested that the SNGPL implement hourly curtailment in areas with low gas pressure.

He said “SNGPL has aimed to step for the welfare of domestic users. The CNG compressors in these areas means domestic users will get low gas pressure level throughout uttermost hours and they can’t even run the kitchen range”.

They said that domestic user are SNGPL’s most anterior users.

in the Meantime, there was assorted notice of the strike called by the APCNGA in Punjab in resist at raised gas prices. almost one thirdof the CNG stations in Lahore stayed open on weekend as it was the  the first day of the strike. APCNGA spokesman told the strike would go on till the gas price increase was cancelled.

Many CNG stations also opened in the day. Long waiting lines started at CNG stations since night and this is going to be a normal thing on weekend evening because the gas shutting off begins on Monday.

While LPG Association decided to increase price of LPG PKR 10.50 per kg. LPG Association spokesman told that they decided due to the price increase of import gas as it is increased US $86 as compared price of last month.


  1. Ahmed Ali January 2, 2012 at 10:27 AM - Reply

    Now Petrol prices will kiss sky. Happy new year poor domestic nationals with a rubbish governance.

    Enjoy Pakistan

    I only want to ask one thing, please do cast your votes in next election terms and elect good people. If you don’t find good one, get elected yourself. Speak for change.

    • Naeem January 3, 2012 at 8:48 AM - Reply

      Pakistani people should leave there breakfast, lunch and dinner because gas and petrol (Energy Resources) is golden bird for Pakistani Politician.

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