Mobile Phone to be banned in Schools and Colleges of Punjab

Aysha Malik January 4, 2012 0

On Tuesday January 04, 2012, a resolution has been passed in provincial assembly to ban use of mobile phones in schools and girls/boys colleges. This resolution was passed on the move of MPA Raheela Khadim Hussain in Punjab Assembly. Let’s when this resolution will be become part of legislation.

In August 2011m same kind of ban was legislated for  students, in Pokhara a town of Nepal, where along with mobile phone use, mini skirts and use of motor cycle was prohibited.

Point to consider it, will this ban be useful?. There are already thousands of laws prevailing which are being negated and overruled. One very simple example is “Smoking in Public places is prohibited”. As per my observation, I haven’t found any civilized smoker to avoid smoking in public places. Even I observed members of responsible law enforcement bodies (i.e. Police) smoking on public places.

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