Cake cutting Cermony at Mexico

Muhammad Naeem January 6, 2012 1









Chiliads of Mexicans tried a bit of a almost 10-ton “rosca de Reyes” cake that the Government of the capital shared with the populace to rule out the Christmas celebrations for 2011.

Early Wednesday morning, the big ring-shaped cake was laid on the Zocalo, Mexico City’s hulk central public square, where parts of it were passed out free to anyone who came to the square.

Mayor Marcelo Ebrard was guest of cutting the cake cermony, which was more than 700 meters long and price more than 1 million pesos or $71,400 or more than PKR 6,500,000 to cook and serve.

“This orthodox cutting of the giant cake, the biggest in the world, is proposed at breeding healthy family beingness but, above all, it appropriates us to tone up the city’s thriftiness and encourage the conservation¬† jobs in the baking industry,” said Ebrard during the ths cermony.

Children, women and elderly citizens were the first to receive a piece of the orthodox cake, along with a glass of milk.
“more than 2,000 people worked to prepare the giant cake” said by Francisco Galindo who is The president of the Canainpa baking industry association.

The project took more than 5,400 kilograms of flour, more than 3,000 kilograms of butter, near about 250 kilograms of yeast, more than 2,600 kilograms of sugar, more than 650 kilograms of powdered sugar, more than 30 kilograms of baking flour and more than 70 kilograms of salt.

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  1. Sabir Saleem January 7, 2012 at 9:10 AM - Reply

    In Pakistan, such kind of events are organized daily. For Example, Data Derbar… ;)

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