Atleast, I can believe on words of our scientists.

Tech Man January 13, 2012 1

Being a citizen of Pakistan, I have only one option to believe on the words of our scientists otherwise our so called LEADERS lives in leisured and facilitated life being fueled by the taxes of poor.

I am a citizen of Pakistan and I am the one who suffer shortage of Gas (without which I can’t cook and eat), Water (without which I can’t live) and electricity (without which I can’t spend my 24 hours in current modern life). Some times I think, why i should not be contented on my life by imagining era of 10,000 BC.

 Our politicians never missed any single chance of deception with any kind of tool they can use. They always promised to get rid from our energy crises. But in fact, they filled their pockets in form of fake power projects. There can be on other worst condition, having Mr. 10% our President (which may be 110% now for sure).

Yesterday, I heard a news about Thar coal reserves. As per that news, underground deposits of gas in Thar has been successfully extracted. Doctor Shabir claimed that due to this successful experiment, dream of no load shedding will come true finally.

This project will be the world’s largest project for the generation of electricity by using coals. This plant will be controlled by computerized system, first ever in world and will complete in early months of 2014. This project will generate about 10,00MW electricity for thirty five (35) years constantly. This gas will also be used for the production of diesel, fertilizer and gas for home consumption.

Whole credit again goes to Dr. Samarqand Mubarak again after nuclear experiment for Pakistan.


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  1. Farhaj January 19, 2012 at 2:35 PM - Reply

    Our politicians are just crap. All members of national Assembly and senate and provincial assemblies should be hanged to death.
    They are senseless without any single ounce of humanity.

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