Memogate Issue

Muhammad Naeem January 24, 2012 1

Advocate Akram Sheikh, Lawyer for Mansoor Ijaz, said “The government of Pakistan was attempting to trap Mansoor Ijaz to arrest him by all odds in Pakistan.So Mansoor Ijaz Decided not to  come to Pakistan due to his interests throughout the his protection arrangements made in Pakistan for his arrival. He has called for the judicial commission to tape his arguments in London or Zurich.

“No confidence was committed with regards to his life or property. It looks like a well-organised trap to hold Ijaz indefinite time in Pakistan. So Ijaz refused to wittingly indulge himself into the government’s trap,” Akram Said.

There were major alters in security placements by the government in against of commission’s orders.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s has assured that army will provide security to Mansoor Ijaz but now they decided that army will not provide security. Akram Sheikh said: “I don’t trust Rehman Malik. I trust Husain Haqqani more than I trust Rehman Malik… Did Benazir Bhutto not die in this country even after getting security assurances?”

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  1. Optimistic January 28, 2012 at 4:40 AM - Reply

    Mansoor Ijaz is also deemed as back-end American bishop of Chess Game.

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