Cheap Civilization

Tech Man January 28, 2012 0

While driving through one km of road, you will observe ten to twelve beggars. Isn’t this a slap on the face of Muslims. Pakistan being a Muslim state, must not be a state with such kind of observations if we implement whole Islamic laws.

Alas, our whole society, including each individual is opting all ways which can ease their life at maximum. They even don’t feel sorry about non-compliance of their religious and social responsibilities.

Humanity ends when you ignore person begging for bread.

Our so called civilized class of society is busy in their routine luxurious life and making it more comfortable. They forgot that one day they will be laid under soul where all these poor will go.

There is a beautiful Islamic law of Zakat. In a zakat system, no poor person will sleep with empty stomach and no one will dare to beg in markets or on roads. Yearly distribution of your assets/income with fixed percentage to needy people will also enable such kind of people to get themselves out of poverty circle.

Non-compliance of core religious principles are the basic reasons of c0rrupt leaders which are implemented on us.

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