Five things you think in offfice

12kilobyte February 1, 2012 1

Boss is a bad guy. ghrrrrr

This is what every one think at least once in a day in office timing. Either boss is not understanding or you are not understanding him, but this happens. You also take it as a very serious note either want to kill your boss or you think to quit job. If you are boss.. No hard feelings please ;-)

I am working more than i worth…

At least once, you do think that I do very valuable tasks, a lot of rewarding to company but company is not paying what it worth. You may also think, this year, company didn’t increased your salary with good figure… “I wish an extra zero to be placed at end of my salary figure yearly…gently”. ooo’oooo so innocent wish B-)

Why Meeeee… :-(

“It’s not my Job Description”. “Why am i supposed to do this”. ” I am doing this again and again.”.. “This job sucks..”. “I am going to search another job”

She is looking very gorgeous today… ;-O” -  “Wow, will he Marry Me??? :-|”

Come on, your boss gave you an important task to do, but you use to think about your colleague..!!!. O please, He/she is married. This is what every employee get in his/her mind. You always cheat with your life partner. Don’t cheat with your work and life partner. Stop flirting.

My Juniors are too dumb… uffff

“These guys are so dumb, How they remember their names.!!!. Take me in your arms OOO holy  God…” Excuse me, same is what your boss is thinking right now…about you.. ;-)

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  1. Fahad October 23, 2012 at 9:39 AM - Reply

    Agreed with first thing. Boss always seems to be “ghrrr”

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