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Tech Man March 5, 2012 0

Some time when we accidentally cross through some extraordinary or unique concepts, whole days goes good with beautiful feelings and inspirations. Such kind of stuff adds effects in our thinking process and makes us feel good. We are motivated automatically and our mind starts some new ventures to do good. Following are some beautiful mind blowing adds which gonna inspires you all ways;

The Power of Words – This video shows how a little change in words can change the perception and thinking style of all of us. They way to look at things does matter by the words around us. Such things turns us to help/support/benefit others without any reward.

Here goes an other video giving message that how words hurt in our daily social life. We always use to joke and enjoy on the ‘weak-speech-end’. We must take care of mates who are not interested in humiliating each other.

Children See, Children Do - This advertisement depicts our daily routine life dilemma. We never take it seriously that our kids of our society learn from elders. They copy each bad and good habits of ours. Which means totally multiplier effect.

Some times it takes more than medication – When there is nothing in the hands of doctors and your loved one is the reason of tears in your eyes, little emotional favor counts millions of happiness and bonding dots. Every relation in your life has some value, so mean it.

Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009 – An unexpected performance in Britains Got Talent reality show, which amazed whole internet world. This video convey that never estimate any person in your life. Every one is Special.

Stop Smoking Ad – This ad of few seconds is fully explained. How smokers are addicted in their indeed requirement. Advertiser aimed to support to quit smoking.

Sweet Proposal – This ad got a beautiful idea for proposal. This idea is bit re-masked from traditional ideas but excellent one.

Dagh tou achey hotey hain – A brilliant style expressing the emotions and activities of kids. Surf Excel rocked.

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