I am hopeful about KARACHI

Tech Man March 30, 2012 0

There is no any city in rest of world, like Karachi. Couple of deaths and strikes are being reported on daily basis. Lives of innocents are being finished with no legal consequences and moral responsibilities.

I can’t exactly say who is responsible for this all. Public says that there are political interests to maintain this situations. Political parties blames on each others. If Govt. is directly accused by media, then Govt. says there some foreign lobbies wh0 are active and doing all this.

I bet to differ with folks. I Think, We are responsible. We being a part of this nation, national of Pakistan, are the only key reason of this whole shit.

Why, Let me explain.

How we can blame that few hundreds of persons in Parliament are only the reason about the ups and down in our lives. Just count the these number of persons, few hundreds. These guys are playing with the fate of 180 million people….. Its a Rubbish thinking.

We blames others rather,  We

  • should keep our eyes open
  • should protest against every wrong doing
  • should not encourage corruption
  • should have mind set to work hard and the desire to deserve some thing good rather than to use illegal means
  • should vote
  • should vote to right person
  • should encourage person doing good

All other countries have already joined the race of new technologies and inventions to improve standard of life but we Pakistanis don’t try to come out of this level of thought that We cant Do Any thing, only leaders are supposed to do some thing good.

I am hopeful that one day, our literate generation will be on the board with positive and productive mind sets. Then inshaAllah, every thing will be going good.

I would like to recall a beautiful quote:

“Those who keeps waiting, only gains, what is left from those who keeps TRYING. We name WAIT as Patience, and finally we says it was not in our fate.”

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