Pakistan – A Paradize for Investors

Aysha Malik April 14, 2012 2

It’s true that Pakistan is really a good opportunity land for investors, How?. Let me give you some ground reasons to think on it;

  • If you are an investor, Don’t worry about any legal or statutory requirements (Corporate, Civil, Tax etc) because every Govt. Department contains hundred of officials who are corrupt and their job description has become to receive black money and transforming illegal into legal.
  • Even President of Pakistan is still considered Mr. 10%. If you will Google about this person, then you will be able to find bio of this man and multiplier factor in the increase of his wealth.
  • Current political party driving whole country, PPP has more than 80% members, all winners¬† in race of corruption.
  • From last four years, every big scandal of corruption starts and ends in the house of Prime Minister and his family members.

Some Good things to know;

  • You can start your business and start installation on where-ever acre of this country, you want. No one will be accounting for it.Even Judges can be purchased to postpone cases against you till date you want.
  • Whole country is facing energy crises but owner of companies, who can approach concerned minister, can get running whole plants with WAPDA supplied electricity and fuel from PSO.
  • You can make black money legal because leaders of two big parties are expert in it (PML-N and PPP)
  • If some one is disturbing you, get him/ her, take into your own country. These leaders will be helping you in return of some dollars.
  • You can even sale prohibited drugs as every official is pro-actively willing to make you happy in return of some dollars.
  • Literacy rate in this country is above 50%, but even literate people don’t know basic human rights. They acts like silent audience.
  • Except telecommunication sector, all sectors are premature. you can start and get yourself monopolized. No one will be pursuing you.

Best of Luck for your ventures.


  1. Observer April 16, 2012 at 5:45 AM - Reply

    Police Department is also playing key role. They are also acting like helping hand in every big scandals.

  2. Muhammad Irfan May 31, 2012 at 3:28 PM - Reply

    So true ayesha u sounds have such a deep view

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