Happy Load Shedding Day

12kilobyte May 9, 2012 0

Hello Pakistani’s. This is Load Shedding Day. Let’s Celebrate it. In some positive ethical manner, by having optimistic dialogues in our mind;

  1. It saves Money, less electricity consumption, low bills
  2. It increases volume of social networking, because exactly after breakdown, every one is supposed to meet in street.
  3. You are growing old, or getting ugly due to some pimples, Don’t worry. Meet your friends and neighbors in such golden hours. Beautiful style of interacting. Yessssss
  4. Due to electricity failure, you will get a sound sleep. No facebooking will be possible. You will sleep on time, get up early in the morning. ;-)

Even many more joys. It depends on your optimistic creativity. D-)

One of newspaper in Pakistan, reported today (May 09, 2012) that load shedding spanned to twenty three (23) hours a day.

Happy Load Shedding Day – May 09, 2012

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