Thought of the day: You don’t need if you don’t Struggle for

12kilobyte May 15, 2012 0

It is very obvious that you will get for whatever you will try for but sour behind reality is everybody wants to go straight in Heaven, but no one wants to die.

History is full of successful people (i.e. Abraham Linkin, Muhammad Ali Jinah, Mao Zedong, Steve Jobs etc) whose efforts were only reason of their achievements.

First Deserve then desire, and getting deserved means you have done with all possible efforts you can do in positive and productive manner.

In whole life, if some one wishes to have some thing (in tangible/intangible or any relationship), best of efforts and hard must be sacrificed. Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can.

A very simple for every thing, Set goals/ desires and strive your best to achieve them.

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