Tips for effective study

Abid Hussain June 13, 2012 0

Summary Points

  •     Definition
  •     Methods of study
  •     Retaining knowledge
  •     Proper Time of study
  •     Rests and Breaks
  •     Place and Environments
  •     Concentration

Study mean

‘Application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or reflection’…almost every educated man and student read to get the knowledge on daily basis, near the exams or occasionally. Effectiveness’s of study plays very important role in success and failure. Many students work hard in a whole year but fail in examination but other students do study near to exams and get these passed. There is only reason which is EFFECTIVE STUDY behind this.

It is noted that style of study vary from person to person with respect to the nature of person. Some people acquire knowledge early as they just read, damn anything. Some students can’t understand simple thing until they know its concept. Some students have to cram for many time, other remember the lesson when they read and write it. Some intelligent student have not to do these things and they only content on just reading in first time.

many people use different methodology to learn the lesson.some student who are week try to cram theirs lesson.shining student only read one time and understand its basic logic.hard working students read one or more time and try to write down in their owns words.indeed,the student who cram have face many trouble to do it because they do not know the meaning what they are learning .their purpose is only to pass the examination and this knowledge remain in their for short time period.conceptual students enjoy only remember it mind.they write in exams in their owns words and have a memory for ever

There is a lot of misunderstanding about studying. Students don no know basic principles of effective working. A student should study until he is is the best amount of work for the day .quantity of work is in significant but quality of work is important. Normally four or five(4 or 5) hour are enough for student to get the maximum benefit from study. If a student tries to avoid the tiredness and carry on his work to achieve optimum level, he becomes extremely exhausted and losses the focus on study.

it is suggested that 30 to 45 mints  are adequate for a normal student to do study without taking a will be good if 5 mint break should be made during  half or an hour.

a place plays very important role in study .a man can easily pick points in comfortable place like library, alone room, than noisy place like busy road, bus stand and etc. place must be determined permanently for study purpose.selection of place should be done carefully which is free from noise, rushing place0 and dark area .there should be properly ventilation system in studying place. That place should be far than TV room and access of small children.

During studying time period, all concentration must be diverted towards the communication system like mobile phone should be disconnected with friends and home. Meaning of every sentence and theme of paragraph must be cleared by you. If it is difficult to understand then consult to dictionary, substitute books and given notes.


  1.     Don’t use the comfortable for study.
  2.     Room environment should be normal if it is possible, switch off the AC in summer season.
  3.     if you are dozing during studying ,take the tea or here and there ,take shower ,wash the face and refresh yourself.
  4.     in winter season, we should avoid the study under blanket and  cover our  feet. Whenever our feet warm, we try to sleep and it becomes the disturbance regular students.
  5.     Don’t try to study in dark whenever light has is dangerous for eyes sight. Manage torch light if it is affordable.
  6.     if you find yourself repeatedly reading over same paragraph then stop the study and take rest for a while.

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