Attention Educated Foreign Pakistani Nationals

12kilobyte September 16, 2012 1

We all know you are living well there. You are struggling a lot there and in result you get paid for what you struggle. There are opportunities, a well established economic system, technology oriented environment and a high standard of living. There is self developed accountability and justice system.

In Pakistan, you can hardly find any single reason among list given above. As one of you, visits Pakistan, always feels wrathful, demotivated and always petty on this pathetic situation of our country. You always observe whole system corrupted, absence of justice, twenty two (22) hours electricity failure, no water, no industry and business working, no employment and in net NO REASON TO STAY IN PAKISTAN.
And when you ear any negative perception/image of Pakistan in any aspect, you automatically held responsible residents of this country. I agree with you.

Our members of educated class, who earns some sense of development, justice, standard of livings etc. leaves Pakistan. I understand that you are comfortable with your plans to live permanently where you are now. That country, off course, will help you to do so because they have you, a person with sense, education and a mind with positive approach. You are helping that country to grow.

I need you to think on following questions;

  • How it is possible that an illiterate person can have sense about development, justice and standard of living until he comes to know about “Development”, “Justice” and “Standard of Living”?. and;
  • You are well aware about the literacy level of Pakistani Nation. How is it possible to expect a change in system of this country when educated individuals like YOU left your homeland?.

It will be a request for you all to come back and ESTABLISH a SYSTEM. I know you will not get that well paid Jobs but you can start your Business here. Pakistan is full of opportunities for business except telecom sector which is almost mature. Your every single effort will help to flourish this system in sensible manner. Here, uneducated class is being controlled by those who have some resources. No one has sense to take initiatives to correct and handle matters where they are ideally supposed to be. Your knowledge, education level and skill will enable you to easily establish BUSINESS here, in well mannered. Come and Set Examples.

Western nations once opted this strategy and now they are becoming homeland of our coming generations. Your grand-kids will never know about your origin. They will not even bother your origin but you will lose your identity

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  1. Nisar Ali September 17, 2012 at 2:01 PM - Reply

    Yes agreed.
    how an animal in jungle can know dat wat r the rules? nd there shud be some accountability.

    and who are planning to go out of Pakistan, should also think on it.

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