iPhone5, iDisappointed

Tech Man September 17, 2012 0

iphone 5 is yet to be released but its first impression in users is very negative. Social media sites are carrying thousands of jokes about this coming release. Following are some which I noticed;

No NFC, No Inductive Charging, No microSD, No microUSB , Non-user-replaceable battery, No new software gimmicks, 3years old design, That new adapter for old port is huge, Still no FM Radio, Still stuck with iTunes,Still file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage mode……iDisappointed!!!!

iphone 5 is considered as slim version of iphone4, how it was designed and produced, see below;

iphone5 is little larger than iphone4, which critics think that this version has nothing new except an increase in size. If this progress continued by Tim in apple house, following iphone will be coming very soon;

One joke is very interesting with conversation of Tim which as below;

Tim: Hi

Wife: Hi, heard you launched iphone5

Tim: Yeap, bit smart and large

Wife: like Samsung galaxy?

Tim: more than you think”

Lets see how market of iphone5 goes now. Its booking has been started since last Friday. Best of luck iOS lovers.

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