Ufone not serious on Network Coverage issue

Sabir Saleem October 1, 2012 2

I wonder, second largest cellular company of Pakistan, can have a very non-serious attitude toward their customers. Two weeks ago I submitted a complain about coverage issue on their website. They contacted me a day after and asked me for coordinates of my area. A day after I received a message that your complain has been resolved, very contrary to facts.

Then again I resubmitted same complain again on their website. A day after, I received a call from a customer service center, with apologized words “We don’t want to mislead you from facts and don’t want to put you in dark about this issue. We know the area, in which you are living, has some coverage issue and we acknowledge this but we don’t know when we will be able to resolve this issue. This is a technical end problem and we are not clear about resolving your problem.”

I asked them that I already switched a network and came at Ufone board, it is really frustrating situation, you are letting me to go on another cellular network. Then he said:

“We really apologize for this inconvenience and cant promise that when we will be able to resolve your problem”

I asked that guy to please take a serious note and forward this complain to higher authorities, and further I asked that I will wait for a week more for your response and if no action will be taken, I will obviously switch.. He said “I will try”

One of my Cousin is also on Ufone network. He also submitted complain for same issue, but he didn’t yet received any single call from Ufone in response.

What really matters is Ufone is spending on advertisements with high budget but this simple logic is unable to place in their minds that their customers are their existence.


  1. Smile October 2, 2012 at 12:18 AM - Reply

    I agree with your last words as I know it really irritates when our network disturbance disturb our communication.

  2. 12kilobyte October 2, 2012 at 10:27 AM - Reply

    ovrall, ufone is bst servic in Pak. Hats off 2 thez guys. U are facing prblm.. Its bad.

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