Un-Islamic Group of Muslims

Aysha Malik November 10, 2012 0

Its very clear that Muslims are second largest religious group after Christians in whole world but they are always undermined and attacked by others. Only reason is Muslims are not following their own principles in true sense. Islam is a peaceful religion and shed light on all aspects of life. Following are some of many observations which I suppose, truly contradicts basic principles of Islam;

Terrorism – As Islam truly says that a murder of one human means murder of whole humanity. Taliban and Alqaida guys don’t seems true Muslims. They don’t follow Islamic basic principles. Some time it shows that they are running on payroll of some other guys just to maintain their presence and to maintain instability

It is always noticed that they claim to destroy America, to fight with America and to implement true Islamic Government, but, be noted, they never attacked people other than Muslims. They always attack on Mosques, innocent gatherings and all those places where there is no non-Muslim.

Accountability and Corruption - It is always noticed by me that we (Muslims) always neglect where we stand. We always criticize others but never tried to make good at our on feet.

We object, react and vow for what others do but never contributed toward fairness and preaching of our own Islamic principles.

In Pakistan, corruption is on high end, which is totally not allowed in Islam. But some one else do some thing against Islam, We act like missile blast.[/highlight]

Come on guys, first improve your inner then show others what you are. How much among you offer five time prayers?. How much of you neglect your own interest in any thing when situation seems to stand on merits and fairness?.

Women Rights – Islamic literature has numerous material in equal rights of Women. But unfortunately, man dominated society always discourage contribution of women in life. Boys are always preferred over girls. Whole society of Pakistan, is contributing equally toward wildness in case of females. Parents are always unfair.

For a son, parents will be willing to sell their property for his study but girls are always questioned for, why she want to study, and sometimes are not allowed to study.

They never question their sons for whatever they do but they criticize and object what a daughter just think.

Males in Pakistan assume themselves as privileged. They allow themselves to do whatever they want, and, if this is some thing wrong they want to do, they criticize females for providing such an opportunity.

They kill their daughter on the name of ‘Self-Honor’ if they suspect on her, to show society how keen and brave they are in self-respect. But if their son is caught red handed, they feel proud for this, in discussions.

Males discuss rubbish, vulgar, abusive and sex affairs things, which is termed as ‘Enjoyment’ by them but if someone just suspect about any female for such things, they announce it every where.

Marriage: Dowry – A rubbish practice is being followed by Muslim of this day, from Boy family end, that Dowry is compulsory. Islam teaches us simplicity. In whole Islam, there is no example to appreciate this practice. It was always discouraged

Thousands of girls ready to get married can’t get married because of such demands (including boys from educated class of country).

Marriage : Casteism – Second thing being observed as social evil, is Casteism. As there are many hadiths on this subject that every Muslims are equal. No one has priority on each other including rich & Poor, Black and White, regional etc.

Equality is always preached in Islam but still most of Muslims follow and appreciate such practices.

Some converted Muslims are still following Hinduism. Girls of many families are still unmarried due to reason that they don’t have any boy within their caste.

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