I am in Pakistan

Sabir Saleem November 21, 2012 0

Society of Pakistan, living in its own filthy thoughts

I don’t like corruption BUT I never judged about myself how I do comply all requirements

I hate being cheated BUT never waste a chance to cheat.

I criticize politicians BUT never met any single one to say all in front of his face.

I love to go abroad to secure future of my life BUT never tried here to secure good future of Pakistan.

I believe that Government of Pakistan can never bring an ideal change because same nature of faces chairs BUT never thought about rendering my services to bring any change.

It’s OK  if I got chance to break queue while depositing utility bills BUT, if someone else did, he/she is part of uncivilized nation and due to these people, Pakistan is still developing country.

I can never believe someone being rewarded in competition of mine, no matter how much level of efforts and time utilization he/she did.

I don’t believe 100% utilization of my time because it’s not good to work effectively all the time. There must be a break for mind after each 20 minutes.

Top universities of the world are in America BUT still I Believe some of the universities and educational system in Pakistan is considered as best in whole world.

Pak army started operation six years before and still fighting with terrorists in its own country, BUT I strongly believe Pak Army and ISI is one of the top three military cells in whole world.

I drive slowly, it’s about care. Others drive slowly, and then I believe he/she is wasting time because speed is enjoyment.

If someone follows all rules, is dumb and can never be a successful. BUT if I follow rules and regulation properly, it’s about being civilized and good moral values.

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