A letter to Editor on Smoking Evils

Abid Hussain November 21, 2012 11

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September 14, 2012

The Editor


Subject:            Evils and Menace of Smoking in Pakistan

My Dear Sir,

Through the esteemed columns of yours most widely circulated news paper, I would like to draw attentions of the concerned authorities and public towards the evils of smoking in our society .Mostly our youth is indulge in this menace. It is not only dangerous for our public health but also destroying our economy.

Recent survey which was taken by WHO indicates that approximately smoking is done by 2o million people in our country. Our government generates 200 billion per annum from tobacco companies in form of taxes, custom duties and sales taxes and it is considerable contribution in the income of state. Thousand numbers of people are employed in these companies and earning their livelihood. But it affect adversely on our economy because government has to spend more money to resolve these problems which are created by smoking.  It has to establish the immense hospitals and care centers for the treatment of diseases which are caused by smoking. In addition to this, it has to lose a lot of foreign exchange to import the medicines for this purpose. Therefore currency of our country is devaluing in these days. We have to confront the shortage of foreign exchange to meet the challenges and maintain the reserves. Our government has borrowed loan from IMF many time.

Even it is usually done by our educated people and students as a fashion. Being an educated and sensible this action does not congenial to their personalities. They are damaging themselves indulging in unproductive and useless activities. Their performance in their field is depreciating. It has become the obstruction in growth of business and economy.

It adversely affects the health and wealth of individual. One pack of cigarette is not only put unnecessary burden on family budged but also curtails the working capacity. Output of labor is decreasing which cause deficit financing of companies.  It brings forth much fatal disease such as cancer, heart attack, problem of blood pressure and dirtiness of teeth.

It is request to concerned authorities that some strict and serious steps must be taken to curb this issue. Smoking at public places like parks, cinema, bus and railway stations, markets and bazaars, colleges and universities and in all private and government offices must be restricted. Sale of tobacco to minors should be discouraged. Glamorization of cigarette by media should be banned. People should be aware about its dangers and menaces by starting campaigns. Prices of cigarettes should be raised up to 1000 per pack so that people avoid to use it. Production of tobacco must be stopped.

I hope positive and prompt response regarding this matter to eradicate the mental agony from your side.

Thanking  you in anticipation.

Yours truly,

Abid Hussain Malik


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