How to Enable/ Disable to See the Picture on Internet, I Can’t See any Picture on Internet

Abid Hussain November 27, 2012 0

My Laptop made by dell has window 7 and I am using  Mozilla Firefox . I cannot see any picture on internet  at  every website as well as on face Book . It is annoying me as I am unable to view the picture that are shared by my friends. I have been facing this problem since last night.  I don’ t know what  has happened?. I asked my friends and class fellows but their suggestion has failed to solve my issue. I am feeling alone  in the presence of internet. The main thing is that I have deprived to see the activities and  news on internet.  Noting special has  been done . All other function are working very well. There is only  this problem. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!! Saddam Hussain

 To finding you deprived from Facebook, It  is my duty to help  young generation to maintain their relation.Otherwise  It can be proved more dangerous than  failer of any business.Don’t worry just follow these instruction.

  1. click on” Firefox” button at the head of window( on left corner)
  2. On right side go to second last keys ” Option”
  3. Click on Option and go to Third Menu “Content”.
  4. Click the second option ” Load image automatically”
  5. And the press “OK” button

It is assured that you will be get rid of this problem.

Send me feedback at if  this help you to resolve your tension.

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