How to stop the Search Pane in Excel

Abid Hussain November 27, 2012 0

Last day , I was working  at Microsoft excel on my Computer. Suddenly it  stopped me to do  further work on excel sheet. I tried my best but it didn’t let me to do so.  The problem was that when i clicked on any cell it began to  show error and gave me text message  to connect the internet. whenever I connected it to net it started to search the meaning of that specific cell value or text in online English dictionary.  I didn’t know what had  done unconsciously . I wanted to carry on my work but I was unable to achieve that target due to that  problem. For Temporary, I clicked on cross button to neglect that message  but next time same thing accrued again.

At last, I searched on Google  as ”  How We Can remove the automatic search  box in excel sheet?”. I found many related links   as a result and I opened four links on separate Tabs. Then I came to know what was basic problem.

Actually when we insert the ” Alt+Click” it automatically active on our work sheet. The strange aspect is that it can be removed by pressing same command.

Moral: Press ” Alt+Click”  is used for insert and remove the search box in excel work sheet.

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