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Tech Man March 25, 2013 0
Japan has record speed test of 581KM/hour on this technology. Fastest ever in history.

Japan has record speed test of 581KM/hour on this technology. Fastest ever in history.

It is a logical challange for our current world scientists. Maglev technology is in use from a century before and its current form of effective result is China’s fastest train which uses this technology. From its patent registration (Year 1905)  to till-now, various countries had worked on their projects. Image on right side is a practical example of this project.

This technology consists on a guided formation of magnetic field. With two available type of technologies namely Electromagnetic Suspension and Electrodynamic suspension, it has low wear and tear, fast speed, low maintenance requirement, all weather friendly operation and low noise.  In comparison of traditional wheeled system, it requires electricity to produce a huge magnetic field.


Maglev Roads for Cars:

Maglev Car

Here comes my point. I some times thinks that isn’t this possible to maintain maglev roads which can manage guided magnetic field to run cars as maglev train tracks run these trains. It is a food for thought and possibility will obviously exist. I once noted this thing in a movie “Wall-E” in which such kind of roads are demonstrated while following Eve by wall-E robot, on their planet.

Agreed that fiction is fiction but human can never stop their mind to work on such ideas in which this traditional system can be improved. In inception of this idea, Maglev cars will work as one-by-one in a row as being a guided vehicle, but I hope after 10 years, these will be running on road without a fixed track.

Best of luck for our scientists.

Following video shows a some demonstration toward this move;

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