Letter to Editor on insanitary Condition

Abid Hussain November 28, 2012 140


Write a letter to Editor on insanitary condition

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Examination Hall,

City A.B.C


November 28, 2012


The Editor,

Dawn News

City A.B.C

Subject:  Poor Sanitary Condition


Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper, I would like to draw the attentions of relevant authorities towards the bad and poor condition of cleanliness and drain system of our town.

The streets are not swept regularly. The municipal cleaning staff has been disappeared since  last two months. The piles of garbage can be seen everywhere in our society. Bad smell is arising from these refuses which cannot be bored by residents.

These refuses have blocked the drain system very badly. The drain water is over flowing from gutters. This water has turned into big pounds .This  is not only affecting badly the  condition of roads but also creating problems for users. Specially the pedestrians cannot cross the road and face a lot troubles while crossing the roads.

This bad system is generating many fatal diseases. Flies are found immensely and it is helping to the growth of mosquitoes.  Malaria has just broken out and many persons have become victims of  malaria fever. This worse atmosphere may give birth to many dangerous diseases like  dengue and cholera.If this  condition will  remain continue for few weeks, we can lose many precious bodies due to careless behavior of relevant authorities

I, hereby, request that this matter should be taken in hand seriously by relevant municipal authority . Some immediate steps must be taken to stop this grim issue so that people can live comfortably. I am looking forward your prompt and positive response regarding this matter.


Yours truly,



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