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Very Funny

sobiaahmad October 10, 2011 1

Boss to Secretary: for a week we’ll go abroad She calls hr husband: for a week I & boss r going abroad Husband calls Girlfriend: Wife going,lets enjoy Girlfriend calls her student: for a

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Face Book

sobiaahmad October 9, 2011 0

Teacher: Wat wil u do after growing up? Student: Facebookin gi. Teachr: NO! I mean what will you BECUM Student: Admin of facebook pages. Teacher: OMG! I MEAN wat will you ACHIEVE after youu

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Clever Parrot

sobiaahmad October 8, 2011 0

              1 Admi shop pe toota lene gaya… usne dekha k totay k dono paon pe ek blue or red dori bandhi hai…. Admi ne blue doori khenchi

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Birth Day Gift

sobiaahmad October 7, 2011 0

Girl: mere Birthday pe mujhy bahut costly gift dena. Boy:ok On the Birth day Boy: Here is your gift. Girl: how sweet, ismy kiya hy? Boy: Petrol me talee hovy paneer k pakoory

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